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Vaporize Founder to help Australian Bush Fire Victims Grow and then Heal with production of over 1000 Aloe Plants in 2020.

We recently announced the launch of AloePlants.com.au and have now begun the production of over 1000 plants that will be available for sale in 2020.

The advocacy we have participated in to restore the position of cannabis as a healing plant in society can only be described as a miracle.

Now the healing of burns through the production of Aloe – people must be beginning to see a pattern. Yes our healing miracles just keep coming – much in the same way as Jesus.

I obviously wouldn’t make the same comparison myself. But i’m not saying that if you were in media you couldn’t explore the similarities. Put together a story. Get creative. See how you go.

Im enjoying building Aloe Plants Australia. Sometimes when you start something you think “Im never going to make money out of this.” But as I started aloe plants, the ideas just started coming. As a creator now I am forcing myself to think less about what I want to build and more about what people need being built. With aloe plants we now see a scenario where we can cater to small domestic orders for people who move into a new appt. We can also cater to larger orders for people who may want to quickly start a small crop on a small acreage block. We are setting up so our pricing scales for order size and our first product available in 2020 will be planted Aloe Pups.

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