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Vaporize Founder to Promote “Smoking Last” Cannabis Industry

Some people will be smoking Cannabis first. And maybe that is exactly what they need on the point of their spiritual journey.

But what we build is almost stable promotional infrastructure. And what I have decided we should project as far as health messages is that smoking is a very specialist function. I don’t like the ‘Smoke weed every day’ message. People should rely on smoking in small part for it’s spiritual function and then for niche medical purpose such as PTSD and epilepsy. I think that we are going to find that in specific medical scenarios smoking has more acute effects.

However as far as the promotional material we are going to produce we are always going to let people know the specific risks of smoking and that edibles, tincture and even medical style inhalation will be a better path than smoking.

We see the presence of cannabis in our society and daily lives as critical. However the industry we intend to build will be a ‘smoking last’ cannabis industry.

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