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A Few weeks ago I quit smoking.

The reason I was smoking was mostly for the enjoyment. I guess I threw caution to the wind. Im producing some fairly amazing herbs right now that would compel you to smoke them.

Then one day I wasn’t feeling to well and was bummed out “There has to be something you can do about this” – I mean, I have shelves full of vaporizers.

That was an important moment for me….being able to provide a health solution for myself. So I gifted my Self an Apollo Air Vape which I really can’t afford….but I did none the less.

In the last few weeks The only times I have smoked is with an Airvape. It means by the next day It doesn’t feel like I have smoked at all because it is such a mild way to inhale.

So my health is a lot better, in the event that I have the need to smoke desperately I have the tool to do that – Just look at all the people who die from prescription overdoses of pain or anxiety meds. You are much better of taking in herbs if you have a bad night than being on prescription meds.

It was nice to be a self case study for what I am selling and promoting. So most days now I drink a bunch of Cannabis Tea and Eat my herbs and Im feeling at almost 100% health. One of the things that I think is so critical about cannabis is just knowing how having it as part of your lifestyle improves your life. We are surely meant to have Cannabis as part of our daily lives and I wouldn’t change how I live for the world.

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