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Why and how we are optimising our product range in 2020.

I had a customer on Chat recently who asked a reasonable question. They said, ‘So you are about filtering products.’

And I responded, yes, that’s a pretty good description of what we are creating. We do that in Vapes. We have begun doing it in herbal sales in Australia. And we do it in CBD.

So in 2020 in Australia we a refining our Range. I can’t detail everything that we are doing but I can share 1 or 2 focuses.

I have decided to try to eliminate coils from our range. Its really a tool for wax. We want to stock the cleanest wax products. I don’t think coils are going to win that format race. So I will be looking to eliminate steel coils in 2020 and move towards new standards in that area. There will also be a few brands that we are dropping. Most of these drops are just about our marketing views and opinions changing and our own brand maturing.

You will see these changes in our product lineups coming throughout 2020.

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