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Working on a bushland regeneration project.

Its been a good time for trying new things and taking on new hobbies.

I guess since i’m trying to hold off on announcing new web projects I will talk about something I am working on in the non web world.

So behind our family home there is a patch of Bushland. A lot of families in our street cut their blocks up and sold for money. Mum and dad always just liked the wildlife we have hanging around. I have told you about the roos. Well we also get native scrub turkeys, finches, big goannas, echidnas and a bunch of other wild life.

Here is what I am doing to the bushland.

Camphor laurel – These are Asian Shade trees. They spread like weeds and take all the sun through their cover. We remove them and leave space for Gums.
Mecixan Washingtonia Fan Palms – These are almost at infestation level they just breed. Spikey Horrible trees. My guess is they are used as beach trees or suburban decor trees and they get spread by birds.

Grevillias of all Kinds
Manuka Trees
Queensland Firewheel Trees

So it is a fun project, trying to plant in trees that the wildlife will like and restore a bush area to the trees that would have naturally been there. My favourite trees are the big Ghost Gums which annually shed their pollen all over the block which almost looks like snow part of the year.

In the future I hope to be part of projects like this. Restoring and conserving natural Australian bushland and maybe even making existing developments more attractive to native wildlife.

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